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Net Promoter® Score Question Type - How to?

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What is Net Promoter® Score?

The NPS is a scoring model developed by Bain & Co. Consultant Frederick F. Reichheld.

How does it work?

It basically involves asking respondents to respond on a 0 -to- 10 point rating scale question - "How likely are you to recommend Company/Product to your friend/colleague?" - The scale is then divided into three sections :

  • Promoters - Users who gave a 9 or a 10
  • Passive - Users who gave a 7 or 8
  • Detractor - Users who gave a score between 0 and 6
The system will then calculate the aggregate responses of each of the three categories as well as the "Net Promoter" -- i.e. Promoters minus the Detractors.

How can I add a Net Promoter® Score type question to my survey?

To add a Net Promoter® Score question type go to

  • Login »  Surveys »  (Select Survey) »  Edit Survey »  Add/Edit Questions
  • Click on Add Question button
  • Select Customer Satisfaction from under Advanced Question Types
  • Enter in the text for the question and click Save Question

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A 0 -to- 10 point rating scale is automatically added.

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